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Link: I’m a Chef in a Seaside Town. I’m Not an Epidemiologist.

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Interesting article but most I knew already from talking to local friends. They are petrified of what is to come. And there’s little they can do to stop it. I fear for many of my friends in Ptown now. (more…)


I’ve lived in my condo for 10 years. 8 of it was with a roommate, who was the former owner. Most of the time we could have cared less about the back porch. And even still, I’ve never had a real reason to sit back there. And truth be told, a few years ago, we had someone climb on and take a plastic chair. Its a long story about the house next door having a fire, and Chelsea being.. well Chelsea. I really don’t anticipate a problem, but it’s all metal and lately anything metal grows feet sooooooo yeah, to use the space always required setup/take down.


Help my neighbors in Chelsea, MA

Currently the town I live in, Chelsea, Massachusetts is the hardest hit city in the town by COVID19. Not only are we the most hit with cases so far (as of 4/22), we’re also a town of service people, so many of my friends and neighbors are out of work. Lots of hard working folks. Sometimes I feel like I’m one of the few on my street that is still employed.

This is picture from my friend Matt Frank who took a photo of the line to get food.

Line for food near Cary Sq, Chelsea, – Courtesy of Matt Frank

And the link yesterday (4/21/2020) to the Chelsea Collaborative (courtesy of WBZ):

We won’t be able to sustain feeding people without outside help. I’ve given some, and plan to give more, but we need more help.

If you can give, please give to the UnitedWay;’s One Chelsea Fund here:


Thank you!!!