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Waiting for the bus

In Covidland, riding public transit has been an experience. At first it was a hot mess, but the T sensed up and realized they had to start to control crowds. One of the buses I ride is a very busy route (well all of the buses through my town are high ridership regardless), and the crowds in non-covid times are just insane. Lots of pushing N shoving. Its annoying.

But since the T is trying to limit crowding, they’ve been far more flexible with adding buses to avoid crowds. Unfortunately, it causes lines like this:

The line to get on the 111 bus


YouTube Channel

One of the things I plan on doing alot of is posting to my Youtube Channel and cross posting here. While I am stuck at home for the time being, and I have the gear, and I just recently found Open Broadcaster Software (free software), so I plan on posting lots of stuff, going live and what not.

But here’s a inserted video (to test word press ability) to view a video. And since the silver line anniversary was a few days ago, here’s the first bus that leaves South Station of the SL3 that I shot with my GoPro.