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Help my neighbors in Chelsea, MA

Currently the town I live in, Chelsea, Massachusetts is the hardest hit city in the town by COVID19. Not only are we the most hit with cases so far (as of 4/22), we’re also a town of service people, so many of my friends and neighbors are out of work. Lots of hard working folks. Sometimes I feel like I’m one of the few on my street that is still employed.

This is picture from my friend Matt Frank who took a photo of the line to get food.

Line for food near Cary Sq, Chelsea, – Courtesy of Matt Frank

And the link yesterday (4/21/2020) to the Chelsea Collaborative (courtesy of WBZ):

We won’t be able to sustain feeding people without outside help. I’ve given some, and plan to give more, but we need more help.

If you can give, please give to the UnitedWay;’s One Chelsea Fund here:

Thank you!!!

My First Post


Well, welcome to my blog!

When I left Facebook for 9 months in 2014-2015, one of the biggest things I realized is that what Facebook provides is a casual way to look into what’s going on with someone. Before Facebook unless you had a website, or a blog there was no real way of knowing what someone was up to on a day to day basis. (okay I’m forgetting about that MySpace thing).  And now since Facebook is so integrated into our lives, people look forward to it. Now that I want to leave Facebook again, that gap appears again.

This blog is to fill that gap that Facebook left. I’m not sure why blogging kinda fell by the wayside, as everyone complains how awful Facebook is. Well, WordPress gives you that control. I control and own all the data here, and the content! It’s just better.

So I hope you look around, and come back often. I plan to use this as not only a way to know whats going on but also a collection of key things from my other social media accounts that I still use like Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and others. So there should be new posts daily, if not multiple posts a day.

Free free to use the follow me buttons to reach out and let me know what you think

Thanks and again, welcome!!