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Making Posts

As I said in my TechBear video.. posting here and making videos has become a chore. I think about stuff I want to post all day but I never do. I am not sure why. It really doesn’t take long to post. I guess it feels like work.

I’m going to make an effort to post at least once a day. Or try to at least.

No sense in running this and paying for web hosting if I am not updating it.

More to come.

How do I label this?

I needed a label to cut up for something I was working on. I have a whole drawer full of different Avery Labels.. you know, the neat pre-boxed label you buy at office supply stores that come in the right shape and size for whatever you are working on that cost a semi fortune half the time.

So I tend to save them, and I’ve help liquidate companies in the past , and often many office supplies get tossed. I’m all about saving a few bucks so often I’ll go in and take the good stuff, like Avery labels. Even if I don’t have a need for that label type, they still cut up with scissors and can be used for other things. (diskette labels work well for freezer labels on wrapped frozen food!)