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PAAT/Eddie Murphy

1985 was a strange year. It was the height of the 80s. Miami Vice, Born In the USA, Reaganomics, AIDS, Cold War, and Back to the Future. 1985 had it all.

It was also the same year a comedian that as little as 5 years ago was a nobody who got an gig on SNL. Then after his rise to fame on there, and the 1982’s “48hrs” with Nick Nolte, and 1984’s “Beverly Hills Cop”… Eddie Murphy was a household name.

And like many stars who rise to fame.. particularly around that era, decided to not only take on movies, tv and commercials.. but decided to grace us with their (lack of) singing capabilities. So on September 4, 1985, Eddie Murphy released this ditty:

Oh man what we were thinking?!?


WNEV News Reel

So I don’t stream TV. I don’t subscribe to netflix or DirectTV NOW or any streaming service. I have an antenna and I get enough stations for my needs. And I have a plex server.

However, I do stream stuff from Youtube (free) and watch it before I go to bed. Lately its been 80s commercials, specifically commercial breaks from Boston-based TV Stations in the 1980s. (the local commercials from that time are a hoot). But now I’ve also started watching old newscasts from Boston stations also.

I found this gem last night. First off, kudos to WNEV for such reporting on this subject, at a time when many local stations were not giving it the coverage it needed. (but then again, it had a local angle too). but the second story about Boston Edison lowering rates… just watch. I mean was it that bad here in the 1980s?