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I made these!!

I made these!

I made these!!! I needed a new set of saw horses for a while. Every time I have to cut wood or need something stable to do something on, its always a crap shoot. The ones I currently have are a “Workforce” brand plastic set. They were alright for years.. but just noticing my cuts are sloppy because the sawhorses are unstable.

The Target Pool

I’ve been on a mission to find an Intex 10′ x 30=33″ round blow up pool. I love the beach, and live within a 15 in bus ride to a beach.. not the best beach, but water on the ocean.

Since we’re living in CovidLand these days, I fear going to the beach to tan and relax will not be a thing this year. And I go to the beach to people watch and tan, not really to go into the water (the ocean is too cold until late August). I only go in every hour or so to cool off and wash off the sunscreen from tanning. So the water isn’t terribly important. (more…)


I’ve lived in my condo for 10 years. 8 of it was with a roommate, who was the former owner. Most of the time we could have cared less about the back porch. And even still, I’ve never had a real reason to sit back there. And truth be told, a few years ago, we had someone climb on and take a plastic chair. Its a long story about the house next door having a fire, and Chelsea being.. well Chelsea. I really don’t anticipate a problem, but it’s all metal and lately anything metal grows feet sooooooo yeah, to use the space always required setup/take down.