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Commenting & Site Update

I took some time tonight and fixed a few things about this WordPress mostly so commenting looks like, and added JetPack.

You should now be able to comment under posts. Just keep in mind…

  • If you already have a WordPress, Facebook (i know, i know), Twitter, or Google account, to bypass entering in your details, just click the icon of the desired account you wish to login.
  • If you don’t have any of these or wish to not sign in, you can still click on the register at the top and register for a local account. When you login to this account, you won’t be asked to login to comment, you can just comment as usual.

You can also share posts onto other social media platforms too.

I also cleaned up the menu a bit, added a contact form, and probably will dump this theme in the next few days. After working with a better one, this one is too limited and things such as how to leave a comment are buried in the bottom of the post.

Facebook Farewell

Here’s the video I posted on Facebook as a farewell.

Yep I’m babbling and I look tired. But I was on like take 40 or something. I was tired of doing it and it needed to go up. (this is why I dont post videos regularly.. I try too hard LOL). I just had other stuff to do and spent far too much time on this than I should have 🙂

There’s more to this than what I say here, I have another video take I did first thing in the morning that is much longer. I look awful because I was mid-coffee and hadn’t woken up yet, so I didn’t post it. (plus it’s 10+ minutes.. which is a bit long). I’ll post it here in a bit, so check back later.

**knock** is this thing on?

Yes it’s been a while.  I’ve just been busy.. with what, I could not tell you. But it’s not posting here 🙂

But since I told many of you to go here since I was leaving Facebook, I guess I should post more.

I also realized outside of lack of posts, this blog.. specifically its WordPress needs help. I have a test WordPress I’ve been playing with, and I’ve seemed to neglect this one. Just one more thing I can do instead of Facebook 🙂 (then again that is why I started this in the first place)

So more to come, and lots of changes like real user accounts, and I might change the theme.

And of course more posts.. 🙂