Why I dislike Amazon, Reason #3089458

I have lots of reasons why I hate Amazon, and more will be posted here but here’s one.

One of the biggest is the vast array of products from all different manufacturers. And lets face it, we all know Amazon sells *many* goods made overseas. And you can be on there, looking for something, and see page after page of all similar products. And similar I mean IDENTICAL, except the name and the price point. So what gives?


How do I label this?

I needed a label to cut up for something I was working on. I have a whole drawer full of different Avery Labels.. you know, the neat pre-boxed label you buy at office supply stores that come in the right shape and size for whatever you are working on that cost a semi fortune half the time.

So I tend to save them, and I’ve help liquidate companies in the past , and often many office supplies get tossed. I’m all about saving a few bucks so often I’ll go in and take the good stuff, like Avery labels. Even if I don’t have a need for that label type, they still cut up with scissors and can be used for other things. (diskette labels work well for freezer labels on wrapped frozen food!)


Donuts! Donuts! Donuts!

In Keeping with the Covid “19” them from yesterday… today I decided to finally try out the donut recipe from the cookbook my mom used to use.

The book is “The Country Fair Cookbook: Every Recipe is a Blue Ribbon Winner” Edited by Elise W Manning, Farm Journal Food Editor . (Amazon purchase link). Its one of those many mass produced “book club” magazine cookbooks that were everywhere at that time. But damn it has some good (fattening) recipes in it.


PAAT/Eddie Murphy

1985 was a strange year. It was the height of the 80s. Miami Vice, Born In the USA, Reaganomics, AIDS, Cold War, and Back to the Future. 1985 had it all.

It was also the same year a comedian that as little as 5 years ago was a nobody who got an gig on SNL. Then after his rise to fame on there, and the 1982’s “48hrs” with Nick Nolte, and 1984’s “Beverly Hills Cop”… Eddie Murphy was a household name.

And like many stars who rise to fame.. particularly around that era, decided to not only take on movies, tv and commercials.. but decided to grace us with their (lack of) singing capabilities. So on September 4, 1985, Eddie Murphy released this ditty:

Oh man what we were thinking?!?



I’ve lived in my condo for 10 years. 8 of it was with a roommate, who was the former owner. Most of the time we could have cared less about the back porch. And even still, I’ve never had a real reason to sit back there. And truth be told, a few years ago, we had someone climb on and take a plastic chair. Its a long story about the house next door having a fire, and Chelsea being.. well Chelsea. I really don’t anticipate a problem, but it’s all metal and lately anything metal grows feet sooooooo yeah, to use the space always required setup/take down.


Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins

I admit, I was a very small child when I had a Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffin, so I can’t really remember what they are like, but I’ve been on a quest for the right recipe for years. Everyone seems to have such fond memories of them so they have to be good.

I’ve tried a few, most notably one that I saw on a WCVB news segment eons ago. And since I love King Arthur flour since they are a local company to the area I am from in New Hampshire, I’ve tried their recipe also.